July 17, 2014

New sculptures

1:22 scale African elephant sculpted with Super Sculpey.
Finished model- Super Sculpey, epoxy, acrylic paint
ZBrush 3-D model
3-D printed model, plastic and acrylic paint

Another 3-D printed model, plastic and acrylic paint

 Samples of a few new models I sculpted recently with clay and digitally with ZBrush.  
The last two were 3-D printed as real plastic models.


Kristen said...

Freaking. amazing. I love these!

DSM said...

well, I'll be! Looks like a fine little bronze; good job!

andrew said...

Thank you Kristen and DSM

Chris said...

Incredible! These are really beautiful sculptures. I hope this means you will be posting more, you are one of my favorite artists!

Sarah Elisa said...

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